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About Us

We at Phone Parts Express pride ourselves on the quality of our parts. With combined experience of over 35 years in the mobile phone industry, we understand our customers’ needs. We are a wholesaler of Mobile Phone parts and accessories based in Kent. We are situated on the A2.In July 2001, we opened our first mobile phone repair store, and since then we have continued to grow, by the start of 2012 we had 10 successful repair centres across the South East.

At this point, our biggest problem became sourcing original/high quality reliable parts. Therefore we founded Phone Parts Express. After various trips around the World including America and China, we have built up a reliable supply chain which is second to none.    

Because we have various repair centres, we use our parts in our own stores and test any new lines to get the best feedback.

Our aim at Phone Parts Express is to provide the best quality of parts at a reasonable price.
We hope you like our site, and any questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact us.